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Stephen E. Monday
Monroe, Louisiana, United States
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Stephen E. Monday

Professional Copywriter, Web Sales Writing Expert


Ad Design Creative Writing Copywriting e-Commerce eBook Writing Editing Ghost Writing Keyword Research Lead Generation Link Building Marketing Music Newsletter Writing Newsletter Marketing Proofreading Sales Letter Sales & Marketing SEO SEO Writing Writing Content Writing Children Writing Blog Writing Article Writing Article Marketing Advertising Web Copywriter


I am a Professional Web Copywriter who can help YOU. (even in this economic slump) If you have a Sales or Landing Page online that is not performing up to your expectations (i.e; making sales) then what you read next will be most beneficial.

A really great Sales Page, makes you money, day after day, week after week. However, more than 96% of "Sales Pages" written (online) FAIL to make a single dime...How can this be?

The answer is simple, although the CEOs, Sales Managers, or Corporate heads of sales may know how to write engaging, informative, and well written content for their Website - to write "COPY that SELLS" is a completely different animal.

It is a totally different skill-set that has to be learned, just like any other advanced skill such as guitar playing. (yes I play guitar) I learned advanced Copy writing skills from A.W.A.I. (American Writers and Artists Inc.)

Over a two year course, I successfully completed their "Accelerated Program For Six-Figure Copywriting" I liked it so much I decided to take their "The Masters Course For Six-Figure Copywriting" Enough said about me; this should be about what I can do for you, to make you sales, generate you qualified leads, which are "ready to buy."


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    Inspirational Story - Sarah's Discovery
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    Video Script Copy for "7 Day Fitness"
  • Unleash The Fiction Writer Within You
    Unleash The Fiction Writer Within You
  • Home Business Trader
    Home Business Trader


Overview Professional Copywriter, Web Copy Specialist, SEO Writer Sales and Landing Page Copy – Outstanding Results Clear, Concise, Attention Grabbing Content Sales Writer for Web, Unique, Compelling, Personable See Webpage: “Hypnotic” style and voice, using proven “emotional triggers” (many more working Pages found on Copywriting Page URL) Creative, high-impact, No Hype, copy. Error Free, Ready To Load Available online during business hours (7-5) Mon. thru. Fri.
AAA Web Copy Services
Professional Web Copywriter (freelance)
Professional (SEO) Web Copywriter, Copy Editor, Creative Writer Clear, Concise, Attention Grabbing Content Copy that excels in clarity and persuasion. Engaging, Compelling, Unique, and Error Free - Sales Copy "Hypnotic" Style and "Voice," Using Proven "Emotional Triggers" High-Impact, Direct-Response Based Content.. that SELLS My Sales and Landing Page Copy - Bring Outstanding Results I also offer creative, story-based sales copy (which outsells other styles of sales writing by a 10 -1 margin) Content pages that "stand above the rest." Pages include: Pictures, and design elements, such as: Professional Web Layout, and Formatting Typography, and font enhancements, such as: text boxes, shading, borders, highlighting, and copy designs. Documents are crafted in Microsoft Word 2007, or PDF files. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every deliverable. Sales Email Specialist - High "open rates" and response rates. I am also available for video conference through SKYPE (contact me for username) I am quick to answer email, or phone contact. Copywriting URL: (Portfolio, and client testimonials at above URL) Available Online During Business Hours: 7:00AM-5:00PM (CST) Monday - Friday Trained by AWAI (American Writers And Artists)
Jan / 2000  - Present
Web Copy Specialist, SEO Copywriter
Since I founded AAA Web Copy Services I have Created Hundreds of Sales and (SEO enhanced) Web Pages and Websites such as: Sales Pages (Direct Response Copy) (many different niches) Landing Pages (Dynamic, High-Impact Copy, No Hype) E-book Launch-High Profile clients like celebrity Victoria Johnson Entire Websites: (SEO Copy) (5 - 7 pages) Ghostwritten e-books (60+pages) Squeeze/Capture Pages (Lead Generation Pages) Engaging, informative, Content Pages (Content Management) Sales Video Scripts Commercial Radio Scripts Newsletters: (14 Awarded at Exclusive Article/Newsletter for SiteProNews (No.1 on Web) Podcast Scripts Video Scripts for Lead Generation Pages Copywritten Highest Quality Articles (AAA Grade, SEO Copy) Commercial Poetry, and Songwriting Skills (published works)
nullCopywriting, Web Copy Specialist
Have completed courses by AWAI Accelerated Course For Six-Figure Copywriting Masters Course For Six-Figure Copywriting
Jett Comm LLC
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"The copy Stephen produces gives any promotion, Website, or Sales Page the WOW factor it needs to succeed in today's markets." "Superb writing, and Marketing skills."
Desmond Chen
Stephen is a warm and generous individual who writes excellent sales letters and advertisements for his clients. I like his no holds barred approach to copywriting and how he is consistently able to hit the bullseye for his many clients. Strongly recommend working with him!
David Canham
Stephen does a very nice job on anything you throw his way. He is professional, personable, experienced, dedicated, and a true professional. I have hired him several times over the past year and he always over delivers on quality, time, and a personable service to your needs. He is a great listener and "Just Gets The Job Done!" Sincerely, David Canham JV Broker International

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