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Heather Hester
Wilmette, Illinois, United States
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Heather Hester

Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Business Writer


Copywriting Article Writing Children Writing Content Writing Creative Writing Newsletter Writing Sales Writing Writing Web content Editing Proofreading Business writing


Welcome, I am glad you are here! I am a freelance writer, and I'd like to tell you a bit about myself.

Writing is not just a job for me, it is a passion. I love what I do! I am a charismatic self-starter and am quite versatile. I have an entrepreneurial aptitude with a keen eye for detail and a passion for the English language. I am known for being goal-oriented, resourceful, and creative.

My aim is to exceed each client's expectations. I truly look forward to discussing your writing needs!


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    Auction Bid Book
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    Connections Auction Letter


Overview WRITING FOCUS Charismatic self-starter with superior writing skills Entrepreneurial aptitude with a keen eye for detail and a passion for the English language Known for being goal-oriented, resourceful, and creative Aims to exceed every client's expectations Styles include: Chicago Manual of Style MLA Style Manual AP Stylebook
Heather Hester Writing
Freelance Writer
Kellogg School of Management
Freelance Copyeditor
Freelance copyeditor and proofreader for professors' research articles to be published in monthly "Insight." **In rotation of freelance copyeditors**
February 2010 Content Editing and Creative Writing of a 500-word glossary Editing of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style Creative writing of 500 glossary entries and test questions for each entry
Alzheimer's Association
Content editing and proofreading for Fall 2009 Magazine and 2009 Illinois Grant recipients' research report. Editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style Revision for increased clarity
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Heather is an excellent writer and proofreader. She was able to take an educational article written by three authors that needed many improvements in order to be published and highlight the key points for articulation. The turn around time for the article deadline was tight and Heather worked diligently and professionally to accomplish the goal. Her input and expertise made it possible for the article to be published.
Heather is an enterprising self-starter who’s eminent editing and proofing skills provided immediate value to my graduate school thesis project. Heather is able to edit complex analysis and data sets across diverse academic fields.


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