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Daniel Fisher
Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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Daniel Fisher

Marketing Obsessed


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This is me...Daniel Fisher. Marketing and SEO obsessed, overall enthusiast, Business man, music lover and an ardent football fan


Overview This is me...Daniel Fisher. Marketing and social media obsessed, overall enthusiast, business man, music lover and an ardent football fan.
Howdan Marketing
Marketing Director
As a Marketing Director I have a strategic role within Howdan Marketing and I am responsible for the overall company. The role calls for a mix of management, marketing communications and sales. I am constantly re-appraising all the marketing tools within the company to make sure they’re giving our staff an advantage over our competitors. My role calls for creativity, insight and good old fashioned business sense. I looking after the company’s image, brand and I am a very hands on Director as I get involved in every project that our company deals with. I am also responsible for implementing strategic partnerships with other companies whether they be a creative company like ourselves or networking memberships.
Jul / 2012  - Present
Adpreston Ltd
Managing Director
Currently running Adpreston where I am responsible for overseeing all operations within the business and building B2B relationships.
Funkd Up Events
Currently managing the artists and promotions for Funkd Up Events.
Allspeeds Ltd
Marketing Manager
Allspeeds design and manufacture Webtool hydraulic cutting and gripping tools for industries such as subsea, oil and gas and nuclear. Currently managing the marketing department. This includes planning and implementing all the marketing functions within the business as well as developing relationships with current and potential customers and implementing strategic partnerships.
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I have hired Daniel on a few occasions for my marketing campaigns and has been very helpful, always on the other side of the phone to assist and very competitive. Most of all Daniel does use very powerful marketing tools to boast your company. Definately one to recommend
I have worked with Daniel(Howdan Marketing) in my capacity as an Operational Buyer for Xchanging Procurement Services. He has provided me with the highest level assistance as both a consultant and a service provider. As a consultant he has advised me(Both on and off the clock) across a number of my customers. His category knowledge of marketing is detailed, precise and most importantly he has the ability to advise to the layman. As a service provider he has been invaluble. A perfect addition to any supply chain for marketing and work place. Quick, cheap, efficent and keen eye for detail. I am keen to continue working with Howdan Marketing and would endeavour to use their services and expertise at any point without a doubt.
Gary Hickey
Daniel has a keen eye for promoting any kind of business; his work is excellent, great communication skills with his clients. I would recommend Daniel to any business that wants to get noticed and promoted. Great work Daniel.
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